Life is a 50000 pieces puzzle

Though I don't really like puzzle, I had a trivial insight (think about the Trivial Psychic ;)) this morning that life is quite like a gigantic puzzle that we are working on. After doing a Google search, I guess I'm not alone to have this thought! I found this article of Life is a Puzzle with Difficult and Missing pieces from Paver's Nest and I also found that the writer explained this idea quite thoroughly.

Here are a few highlights from the article:
1. "Fitting the pieces together can be slow at times- so be indefinitely patient."
2. "We all want to see the big picture and find out the purposes of our lives, but sometimes we never find all the clues and the pieces."
3. "Every one’s puzzle is different; so don’t try to fit other’s pieces into your puzzle."

I was telling my friend that I'd rather find out what my life purpose (a.k.a my quarter-life question) is rather than receiving some fancy gifts for my birthday. My friend, who's in his mid-30s, said, "this is the answer I've been searching for and I haven't found out the answer yet."

Perhaps we are all here searching for meaning. And I've finally come to a conclusion that this whole life purpose thing is a life-long quest. There's no shortcut- the psychic reading that I did last week served as a confirmation and offered some new thoughts to me, but still, I need to experience it myself.


Anonymous said...

I personally consider my life purpose to be: appreciate the things that I already have, love my family and friends, and be happy. Sometimes, things will be easier if you make it simpler.

Danby said...

Let me know when you find yours! LOL!