Why office hours have to be 9-5?

My friend received an email from her boss the other day because other people at work were complaining to her boss about my friend's being late for work. Most of the days, she arrived at 10am and leave at 8pm. From what I know, she's one of the most hard-working person in the office.

Why office hours have to be 9am-5pm? Perhaps it's the corporate culture. Most of the times, your boss doesn't really care what you are doing in your cubicle as long as you are IN THE CUBICLE!

What's more important- getting the job done with a flexible work schedule or being at work on time and not being productive?

Similarly, dressing up for work (as in suits or business casual) may make you look serious and professional, but it doesn't exactly mean your work is serious and professional.

On a side note, I wish there are nap rooms in my office. From my personal experience, I'm very sure a power nap a day can increase productivity. So do free food and beverages, game room, fitness room and massage therapy :)


kenshin_i said...

The reason for the 9 to 5, I guess is to match your schedule with the customer you are dealing with. Although it may sounds mundane and insignificant, if we keep being punctual, then it will leave a good impression to the customer / boss. Think about it this way, if the customer/boss sees you being punctual, shows that you are a discipline person. If you are discipline about this trivial thing, they would feel more comfortable giving you a bigger task/responsibility.