Little Robots

When I was still in college, I always fancied life after college will be full of excitement and freedom, along with some extra cash to spend. After working for 8 months, I have concluded that college life is still the best. Looking back, the dorm food didn't really taste that bad- at least I don't have to cook for myself every day. And also I started to miss the luxury to take a two-hour nap every day and the free will to skip a class if I feel like it. ;)

Here's a snapshot of what my friends/classmates/co-workers and I have been doing as freshly grad actuarial analysts:

During exam season:
Wake up- study- work- study- work out (optional)- sleep- wake up - (Gosh, I feel like I'm writing some sorts of Markov Chain here and study is the recurring state ;) )

Exam- off season:
Wake up- work- work out (optional)- sleep- wake up....

My friend J jokingly said, " we are just like the little walking robots..."

If you are still in college, lucky you! Do yourself a favor, enjoy your free time as much as you can.


simpleblob said...

After working for 2 years,I'm going back to college again.

Can;t be too happy though, cause the tuition fee is killing me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for you adivce! Actually this is the same as what I heard from an actuary when I went to have a visit in the actuarial department at Metlife Insurance Company. When I was a freshman, because of the pressure of getting an internship as an international student from China, I was like killing myself, work, study, prepare for the first actuary exam. I did pass Exam P after my freshman year, but I was too tired. But things changed in my sophomore year. After getting an internship, I felt so relieved and started to enjoy life. Now passing the exams are still important, but not as important as they were before. Family and friends are definitely the most important. I have a boyfriend, who is a junior in China. I was worrying about our relationship at first. But then I realized that nothing is more important than the person I love. So I decided to marry him in two years. And I will either go back to China to work or consider working in Canada if it's not too difficult for him to go to Canada. :) I hope that you can also enjoy your life. Don't let your work overwhelm you!!!

yync said...

Thanks for sharing your experience and thanks for your kind words! I totally agree that "nothing is more important than the people you love in life."