My Mini-Spring Break

Two of my college good friends were having spring break this week. Rather than going to some exotic places like Jamaica or Cancun, they decided to come to Detroit to visit me. How nice!!! So I took Monday off and called it my mini-spring break and showed them around the city.

It's funny that every time when I was trying to show my friends around, I always forgot which freeway I should exit or which direction I should take. Thanks to Christen, who was a great map-reader, we were able to find our way.

We had a little adventure in the downtown area- took the People Mover (a.k.a People Mugger), looked at the Detroit river and took some pictures of Canada, and then had lunch at Pot Belly. Then we drove to another suburb to visit an antique bookstore. (Once again, I was so glad that my friends were excellent map-readers ;))

Last night, we had our dinner at Chiptole. I was telling them that, "this reminded me so much of our Hubbell dining experience!" Christen said, "Yeah, except that what we ate here has higher quality than any kind of dorm food!"

Well, I really hope that my college/high school friends can come and visit me more often so that I can relive my college days more often!

Thanks for the bottle of wine and thanks for your time doing the dog research with me! (I've been thinking of getting a dog recently)


Danby said...

I saw the photos in facebook!
AWWWW how sweet. I'm jealous now. I can't wait until I get outta here!!!