Things that I didn't blog about (earlier)

Loli, thanks for calling me last night, I really appreciate it! I know, I didn't update my blog as often as I used to. Don't worry, I'm still doing all right. There are quite a few things happened for the last two weeks that I don't exactly know how to blog it. I guess I just need to gather my thoughts and internalize it.

And here are things that I didn't blog about:

1. I've been seriously considering of getting a dog- it's a 10-15 years commitment of time, energy and resources to a creature, so I have to think it through. I've been telling myself, "no impulse shopping for puppies!"

2. I've been thinking about my life purpose recently. Somehow I think this is a phase that everyone may go through -the quarter-life stage. (Oh, by the way, my dear friends, just a kind reminder, my birthday is coming up next Saturday. ;))

3. I talked to a psychic and I found out about my past lives, my guardian angel and my spiritual guides. (Again, these ideas can't be proven scientifically right nor wrong. Who said an actuary has to be rational all the time? ;))


sc12een said...

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