You can't wait to start your dream job

Let say you are graduating in May and you already accepted an excellent job offer from your dream company. What would you do?

Let me tell you what I did last year- I was planning about how to spend my sign-on bonus and what I would be doing for the two-months care-free vacation before I started working. I didn't skip too many classes actually since I still wanted to do well in the last semester as I paid for so much for the tuition and I had to make the money worth ;). In the end, I spent most of my bonus on airfares and hotels as my parents came all the way from Hong Kong to Iowa. During those two months after graduation, though I didn't travel to Europe or went back to Asia like some of my friends did, I still had a great time in my new place.

If I could, I would take a 6 month vacation before I started working. Unfortunately, thanks to the complicated visa issue, I could only have 2 months off.

Someone I knew is planning to start working part-time before the graduation in order to have a head-start. I think having the enthusiasm towards work is very important (especially in the eyes of the employers).

But still, if you have a choice---Relax, remember you are going to work for the next 20-30 years and the vacation you can take after graduation and before working is one of the best ones. (No more homeworks, no more job searching and future income is guaranteed for a while.)

So take a break.


kenshin_i said...

Hmm.. I don't think saying to your future employee that you are going to take a 2-months or n-months vacation are a good idea. This statement might not get you the offer. Think about it, in the corporate world, the reason they do the hiring is due to they need people to work for them. So if you say that you are able to work "right away" or "as soon as possible", this might get you the job offer. Furthermore, don't you think this shows your enthusiasm?