What kind of office perks do you have?

Sometimes when I think about all the great things/perks I have in the office, I feel grateful. (Again, I'm very easy to please and little things can make me feel happy all day. :))

And here are the things that I considered as "perks":

1. Monthly Birthday luncheons
2. Complimentary breakfast every Monday and Friday
3. Lunch meetings two or three times a month.
4. Golf outing in the summer, follow by complimentary dinner.
5. Tigers game outing- with free food and drinks before, throughout and after the game. And each of us received a $20 Tigers bucks and I used that to buy my first baseball cap.
6. Food in the pantry most of the times. (Left over pizza, salad, cookies, pasta... from previous meetings)
7. Holiday party
8. Milkshake and cookies for the exam-takers who attend the exam planning meeting.
9. Discounted concert tickets during summer time.
10. After-exam party...

I know, it's full of food and drinks, isn't it? No wonder, I've been gaining some weight since last summer....

What kind of office perks do you have in your office? I'd love to hear about it.