Farewell and Godspeed

I just came back from a farewell happy hour for a co-worker at a Oyster Bar. She's leaving to Australia at the end of this month. The reason she moved to Australia is because her daughter is going to college over there and she wanted to stay closer to her daughter. (Well, I wish my mom could move here too, so I have someone to cook and do laundry for me. ;))

Though I don't really know my co-worker very well, I know I will miss her. We've been working on the same client team together since I joined the company. To me, she's like a mentor to me. You know, there are many different kinds of mentors out there, and I would describe her as the one with tough love- just like Pai Mei in Kill Bill. I learned how to keep things organized from her. And most importantly, every time when I encountered a problem, she always gave me a hint or two to let me explore the solution on my own. By that, she gave me time and space to grow.

Good luck, and I wish you Godspeed.