Every small business owners should read this

Another great Seth Godin post. I hope every small business owners in my area will read this post so I can find out more about their store info online. (I'm still looking for a tea house in my area, anyway...) Just to sum it up, it costs only $60 a year to have an online presence of your own business.

And here are several steps that Godin suggested:
1. Start a blog. (Actually I think you can even start one on blogger for free.)
2. Build a squidoo lens for your business.
3. Post your store pictures on flickr.

Here are my extra ideas:

  • Start a free PBwiki. And you can put everything about your stores/restaurant in one place.
  • It's also a good idea to get your own domain name and do a web forwarding. This is for the convenience if you want to print your website on your business cards or letterheads.