My blog is Recruiter-Friendly

I found this article about blogging and recruiting from Career Journal at Smartlemming. I think the 7 tips for making your blog recruiter friendly are solid advice. After reading the article, I look at my blog again and see if I've used any of the pointers from the article.

And here's the checklist:

  1. Clearly identify your identity- Well, from the tagline and the name of my blog, you can tell this is a blog by an actuary-wannabe who likes blogging and have a sense of humor and a tint of creativity. And guess what, creativity and new ideas are the new currency.
  2. Show you're currently on hot topics- Yes, I read WSJ journal everyday and this post is basically inspired from a WSJ article. I think this tells something. ;)
  3. Provide more information- I have my linkedin profile and my resume is always available upon request. But I don't intend to put a link on my blog. Why? This is not my motive to blog, at least not yet.
  4. Exercise common sense- Fortunately, there's no 'name mentioning' of my current and previous employers here. And I don't really discuss any work-specific things here. (Hey, why would I want to put my dearest readers to sleep?)
  5. Omit personal information- Occasionally you may find me writing about my past or how I felt at that moment. Though some people may find it too personal, some people may call it literature. Having the ability to write something that touches another human soul is a gift. And it can apply to the business world. Have you ever heard about - love is the killer app?
  6. New entries at least 3 times a month: Normally I write 3 entries a week. So in this sense, I'm committed to blogging.
  7. Contribute to other blogs- I guess I'm doing it right now- by commenting other people's blog through my blog.
So I've concluded that my blog is "recruiter-friendly".

(Somehow this saying reminds me of the "cholesterol-free" eggs in the grocery store. ;))

Just two footnotes:
1. Be it recruiter-friendly or not, I love blogging and it is my way to express myself.
2. Blogging may lead you to a job, but don't act too desperate. "If you [blog] to get a job, you'll be less successful. It's just like dating. If you appear too hungry, nobody wants to date you." said Greg Sterling. (How blogging can help you get a new job- WSJ)