I wish someone could have told me this...

Perhaps you've already read this about the college admissions from Seth Godin's blog. Ha, this really reminds me of the good days of applying for college. In the second year of my Junior College in Singapore, while most of my friends were busy with sending applications to Ivy League schools or interviewing with Oxford and Cambridge, I was struggling with my Biology and English A-level exam.

In the end, I did joined the crowd to turn in my applications to UC Berkeley. As expected, I was rejected (thanks to my less-than-average SAT scores and nothing-special extracurricular activity).

Anyway this is the highlight of what Godin wrote:

"The opportunity for 95% of the student body is this: reject the idea of being almost good enough to get in to Harvard and embrace the idea of being extraordinarily good at something else."

I wish someone could have told me this 5 years earlier so I wouldn't feel so upset for not getting into those "good prestigious" schools that my classmates went. Well, the least I can do now, is to encourage some of my loved ones to do something they are really good at, rather than keep nagging them to study harder to get admitted to college.


Anonymous said...

If the parents and the whole society values specialties more than they do now, the situation will be very different.

sb said...

The statement is so true.