Introducing Pareto Girl- A superhero that I created

After reading the make your own superheroes post from SmartLemming, I decided to create my own superhero too. So let me introduce my superhero to you- Pareto Girl.

Pareto Girl- an actuary working in a life insurance company by day and a superhero for world peace by night. As you can see, her favorite color is purple. Just like other superheroes, she has a few super powers- she can read peoples' minds, alter people's willingness and states of mind and communicate with animals. (Can you see her powerful brainwaves from the picture? ;)) She doesn't use any weapons because she's an expert in Gung Fu. Back in the days, she trained with The Bride and Pai Mei was her teacher. (Remember Kill Bill Vol. 2? ;) Pai Mei offered to teach her how to use the sword, but she preferred to learn Wing Chun instead because it's not that convenient to carry a sword around when she is not on call as a superhero.

Why does she called herself Pareto Girl? Well, it's partially thanks to her actuarial/statistics background. You may heard about the Pareto rule- 80% of the consequences comes from 20% o the causes. Pareto Girl figured out to use 20% of her superpower to deal with 80% of the injustice and inequalities in the world. Pareto Girl formed alliance with other superheroes, like the Smart Lemming Avenger. With the help of other superheroes, the rest of the injustice and inequalities in the world are under control.

It is a solitary journey to be a superhero- Pareto Girl can never tell anyone about her secret identity. Normally most the superheroes adopt the "for your eyes only"/top secret approach. And some superheroes even made a pledge to the SHA (Superheroes Association) of never revealing their identities. Hence, Pareto Girl keeps a silver fox (It looks like a Siberian husky if you don't pay too much attention) as her companion. And she confides every bit of her heroine's endeavor to the silver fox every day.