I saw President Clinton today...from afar

S and I went to the U of M commencement today to hear President Clinton speak this morning. We could only see him barely from afar because we were sitting in the top row at the Michigan Stadium. You may wonder, "what's the difference between seeing President Clinton on tv and seeing him talk live?" Actually, since we were sitting so far away, we ended up watching President Clinton speak from the screen. (For a second, I felt like I was watching TV outdoor. :))

Yet, being in the stadium at the same time with President Clinton and hearing him talk about global citizenship was a great experience (and a historical moment too ;)). Besides, how often do you think this will happen again?

Here are some good points that President Clinton talked about (His speech starting about 43 minutes in the video):

"Are our important differences, or our common humanity more important? You have to decide, you have to decide for our common humanity."

"People with good hearts and fine minds, who understand the interdependence with fellow human beings could move the world."

And I learned a new word from the speech today:

Ubuntu- I am because you are.


kenshin_i said...

You know what's funny, I'm using Ubuntu (linux distro) for my computer's OS. Although not related to the post, but worth mentioning ;)