I'm going to see Seth Godin on May 22nd.

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I bought two tickets of Seth Godin's talk on May 22nd. I'm really excited! And I convinced S to come with me even though she didn't exactly know who Seth Godin is. (But I guaranteed her that it will be a good speech.)

Most people in the office have never heard of Seth Godin at all. But to me, Godin is one of my heroes outside the actuarial world. You may wonder who my heroes are in the actuarial world. Well, I'll write it on another post. (Hint: one of them is my actuarial professor at Drake. :))

So the ticket of the event costs $50 and it comes with 5 books. I'm going to keep one for myself, one for S. Then I have 3 left. Hm....I still need to figure out who I should share these 3 books with.

Here are two videos of Seth Godin's presentation:

Seth Godin at Gel

"All Marketers Are Liars" Video


sethgodin said...

see you there!