The Likeliness of Falling Asleep in a meeting

I've been wondering how people can stay awake in office meetings. The morning meetings are fine, but the most challenging ones are the after lunch meetings. There are only a few useful resources that I can find to tackle this issue from wikihow.

So here are a few pointers I learned based on my research:
  • Have enough sleep. (It sounds obvious. For me, I can still feel sleepy after sleeping for 9 hours!)
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat a light lunch before meeting.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Bring some gum/mints to the meeting.
  • Bring a pen and writing pad to take notes.
  • Pinch yourself if necessary. (Though it doesn't really work all the time if you feel too sleepy.)
  • Excuse yourself to the washroom before you gave in.
I wonder if the presenter/committee chair/whoever is speaking at that moment can make the meeting just a little bit shorter, just a little bit more interesting and just a little bit more engaging, the likeliness of falling asleep in the meetings would decrease significantly.

By the way, have you seen people falling asleep at Steve Jobs presentation? I doubt that.