Understanding Your Learning Style

Do you know your learning style? Here's a test you can do to find out more about your learning styles. I finished this test and here's the result:

Your scores were:

  • Visual: 4
  • Aural: 1
  • Read/Write: 9
  • Kinesthetic: 5

You have a strong Read/Write learning preference.

I think this sort of explains why I like reading/writing blogs, looking for information in wikipedia, always sitting in the front and taking notes obsessively when people try to explain things to me at work.

And pay attention to the score in the aural area. It is significantly lower than the other three learning preferences. Now I understand why I never did well in the aural test in my piano lessons. Perhaps this also explains why I don't really learn much from meetings or conference calls.

(Don't talk to me, send me an email or leave me a comment on my blog. I'm not an aural person! ;))

(Who knows, people who tend to fall asleep in meetings don't prefer learning aurally neither. And that's why they can't concentrate at the meetings.)

Since reading and writing is my learning preference, I think learning speed-reading and carrying a moleskine notebook with me will be helpful for me to learn more effectively.

I'm interested to hear about your learning style preference. Any thoughts?


kenshin_i said...

Thanks for the link, here's what I got:
* Visual: 5
* Aural: 3
* Read/Write: 2
* Kinesthetic: 6

So I guess that makes me a visual and actually doing it kinda person ;)