Speed matters: Working Visa- 133,000 applications in 2 days

If you are applying for H1-B visa this year, check out this article at San Francisco Chronicle.

"Having accepted 133,000 applications for H-1B visas in two days this week, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is now embarking on the process of deciding who will get one of the 65,000 coveted work permits....

Because the cap for next year is set to stay at 65,000, the supply of applicants widely exceeds the demand. That's another reason the citizenship office decided this year to accept only those applications they received Monday and Tuesday. Petitions coming in later will be rejected. "

How about the graduates in May? I thought you can't turn in the application form til you graduate.

Though I'm really grateful that I applied successfully last year, I hope the H1-B quota will be lifted soon...

(Wouldn't it be nice if we can choose to work anywhere we want and simple immigration process?)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this essay!!! This actually brings me to reconsider applying to Graduate Schools just in case I can't get my H1-B visa in time.