Sweaty and Sore

Finally, I made some progress in my Wing Chun. After learning some basic techniques for a few months, I was learning the first half of the first part of Siu Nim Tao yesterday. Since there are three parts of of the form, I have actually learned 1/6 of the entire form yesterday!

With all the push-ups and vertical leg crunches that I did yesterday, I need to stay home to recoup in this long Memorial Day weekend.


Christen said...

ha! i didn't understand any of that!! perhaps I should do some research into asian martial arts things myself... hehe. I'm so bummed. The bell center has really crappy hours during the summer interim session! Not open at all on the weekends and only until 6 during the week.
I'm not getting the same workout you are! But good job for you. Do you find it is hard to stay motivated in the summer when it is supposed to be your no-school summer relax time?