The Actuarial Scientist

On Friday, I had a late dinner with some family friends who came from Chicago for their relatives' wedding. While waiting for the food, an "Auntie" asked me what I studied in college and what my profession was. I told her I studied actuarial science and now I'm an actuary who's still taking exams.

And here's part of the conversation:

Auntie: How do you say it again? Ac-tuuu-tuuu- what?

Me: I'm an Ac-tu-a-ry.

Auntie: No, I know that's what you studied. How do you say the profession again?

Me: Ac-tu-a-ry. Let me spell it for you- A-C-T-U-A-R-Y.

Auntie: No, I'm still confused. I thought the profession is called Actuarial Scientist. Right, that's right. You are the actuarial scientist.

Me (in my mind): What? Was she confused with the rocket scientist?

Seriously though, this was my first time hearing people calling me an actuarial scientist. :)