An Early Surprise

I received an email from SOA yesterday.

July 12, 2007
Dear Exam Candidate,
May 2007 Passing Candidate Numbers for Exams P, FM, MLC, MFE, and C are
Now Available:

The exam result is supposed to be released today. Luckily I kept the ticket of admission email in my inbox, so I could retrieve my candidate number. I didn't really expect to see my number on the list since I didn’t study wholeheartedly. Yet, on the other hand, my heart was pounding and hoping to see my number appeared on the screen, somehow.

And guess what, I saw it. My number (12914) was on the first page. I even asked my boss to check it for me, just in case that it was my illusion. :)

Yes! The feeling of making progress of something is wonderful. And I’m grateful for the pay raise, it just comes in handy. No, I’m not getting an iphone or a new car (Christen, you know my impulse shopping spree ;)). I need the extra income to support the college tuition of my little brother.

And my dear FAP modules, here I come.


simpleblob said...

Congratulation! you must be very happy today.

Anonymous said...


yync said...

Thank you! Yeah, I feel happy today. But you know what, when I passed my course 1, maybe it's my first actuarial exam, I was literally jumping around for 30 seconds when I saw my number on the screen. :)

Christen said...

yeah! good for you!
i think you should use this extra money for...a piano! no wait, a gucci watch! no wait, a new computer! no wait, a new guest bed! that's it! hehe
lots of love to you and I hope you use the extra money WISELY!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Yukki!!

Hope to see your jump around your office when the result released next time:P

adamtoh said...