International Assignments

I always fancy about traveling through my work. I want to experience the life of living and working in another city. Yesterday, something came up that shed a light on my dream. I found out the company is in need of a number of analysts to Latin America for an assignment and the minimum of stay is 3 years.

So you may think, “what about the language, Y, you don’t speak Spanish, do you?” Based on what I knew, having the desire to learn the language is good enough for consideration. So I think I can pull if off regardless of the “language barrier”.

Because of the 3 years time period, I don’t think I’ll really apply for this assignment though. (A lot of things can happen in 3 years.) Now I started to imagine about what other international assignments that may come up next. Who knows, maybe Rome for 6 months, Paris for a year and Beijing for 3 months?

Now when I think of that, I am more motivated to learn my stuff well at work and make faster progress in my actuarial exams.

I saw this quote of the day from No Limits Ladies yesterday, “You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.”- Ted Turner