After reading Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

I finished reading the Confessions of an Economic Hit Man last night. (Now you know why I'm not making too much progress in my FAP Modules ;)) If you haven't heard about this book yet, the Confessions of an Economic Hit Man told a story of the writer, John Perkins, who worked for a consultant company which perform economic forecast to convince leaders in the developing countries to accept loans that the countries could not repay.

This book made me understand some of the FAP Module 1 material about the high professional and ethical standards as an actuary. All professions bear a responsibility to the society. In the book, when the writer was still an Economic Hit Man (EHM), he used economics models, forecast and his talent in writing to win multi-billion dollars contracts for his company. Very often, the writer knew what he did was not ethical and socially responsible to the developing countries. But still, he fell to the lure of money and power.

Like what Peter Parker in Spider Man said, "With great powers comes great responsibility". This sums up things I learned about business ethics.

By the way, are there any EHMs that only do good things for the greatest good, like a Robin Hood?