Fishy Actuarial Recruiter

Once in a while, I received emails from actuarial recruiters asking if I'm looking for job opportunities. Here's the one I received two weeks ago:

Hi Y:

Are you looking to start your career in the actuarial field or take the next step up the ladder?

Is there anything missing from your current position or would you prefer to be in a different geographic location?

My name is XXXXX, an actuarial recruiter. I help actuaries of all levels find employment and/or make changes within the actuarial field. With over X years of experience working with companies and applicants across all lines of business on a national basis.

It’s your career, what can I do to help move it forward?

Just click reply so we can get the ball rolling. Or call me toll free at 866/XXX-XXXX



XXX recruiting firm

Being an intellectual curious person, I looked up this recruiter and the recruiting firm online. Guess what, they don't even have a website! Nowadays, if a company doesn't have a website, I wonder if they ever exist. Sadly, this email looks like a spam to me. It's hard to believe that there's spam targeted to the actuarial community.

It's a nightmare to an independent recruiter if the emails sent out were perceived as spam to the potential job candidates.