Why I should start using my English name

I ordered an Indonesian fried rice from an Asian restaurant today. It's like a fast food restaurant here. You ordered the food, they asked for your name and they called you when the food was ready. After waiting for 10 minutes, a staff called my name. But you know what, they called me "Yucky".

Since I was the only Asian standing in that area and was looking at him, he immediately recognized that I was "Yucky". When I went up to take the food, I said, "It's Yukki, not Yucky." The staff apologized to me and said the writing on the receipt wasn't that clear.

Don't you think the restaurant should at least teach the staff how to say some common foreign names? Since this is the only Asian restaurant in the area which sells Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnamese food, I would assume the restaurant will attract a lot of foreigners who work in the area.

Maybe training the staff to have the minimal cultural awareness is too time-consuming. If that's the case, then don't bother calling the name of the customers. The staff can always call the number on the receipts instead.

I remembered J once asked me why some of my Asian classmates in school had English names (like Adam and Samuel), I said it's because the English teacher strongly recommended the students to have English names so they can use it in class. (My friend Joel then told me he had a Spanish name, Juan for his Spanish class too. :))

When I was 3, my cousin was studying in UK. When she came home, she gave me and my sister English names. My sister loved hers but I hated mine because it was just too common. (hint: a name starts with an A ;))

Well, finally I can put my English names in good use now. I think I should start using my old English name when ordering food next time. ;)


Christen said...

some of us Americans have just as many problems with names. I am always called by a boy's name the first day of class because my name looks similar.

simpleblob said...

Ann? Amy? Anastasia??

Ohh.... the suspense is killing me!


yync said...

Simpleblob, one of your guesses are correct! Do you have an English name? If you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine. :)

simpleblob said...

I have many names in many languages. But it all start with... (you guess)! :P

Anyway, I think Yukki is a cute name. Be proud of that!