Office Politics 101: Littie Ant and Elephant

Something happened at work today that made me come up with the following conclusions.

  • On Office politics: People usually can't see their own major flaws. On the other hand, people can easily see minor flaws in another person. There's an Indonesian idiom that describes it quite well, "Gajah di pelupuk mata tak tampak, semut di seberang lautan tampak." (Elephant in front of the eye can't be seen, ant across the ocean can be seen) This is especially true if someone doesn't like you or is jealous of you in the first place.
  • Gossips and office politics (particularly being talked behind your back) is pretty much human nature. It can happen in any offices in the world. And today, I had a first-hand experience.
  • Jealousy at work- usually it happens when someone sees you are better than he/she is. (I really wonder what people can be jealous about me, a small potato at work)
  • Some people at work cares about me, but just a little bit too much. Shouldn't they spend more time to think about their work, their daughter's soccer games or remodeling their house? Just leave me alone! I'm not in your way against your promotion and bonus. If you want the corner office or a bigger bonus, go for it. I like my good feng-shui cubicle anyway. I believe there's more than enough for everyone.


Christen said...

goshy, you make me want a story!! what happened?

yync said...

haha, call me and I'll tell you. :)