Try to adopt a food name

My Wing Chung Sifu left me a comment of my posting on Facebook. He suggested me to adopt a food name when ordering from restaurants.

Sifu said, "Sometimes when we order food we use names of people from the movies. Like Billy Ray Valentine from Trading Places. If you aren't comfortable with using your English name..then using names from movies help too. :) If you hear the name General Zod, then I am probably ordering food nearby."

If I have to choose a names of people from movies, probably I'd choose Trinity from Matrix. But for now, I'll stick with my English name when ordering food.

Yesterday, I used my English name to order food at the same restaurant, guess what, the food came right away. And my co-worker's fried rice came in 15 minutes late and I think that's partially because his name was too hard to spell. ;)