Lost and Found Connections

This week, I found so many of my elementary school friends on Facebook. It's been 13-14 years since I talked to them. And I found a few high school friends on Facebook too.

Chak told me he couldn't recognize me from the profile picture instantly. But after looking at some of my pictures closely and relating my last name to a nickname my classmates used to call me, he remembered me in the end. He said, ".I did not only remember 羊肉 (lamb chop-my nickname)..and I remember your home phone number XXXXXX right??....I don't know why...I do think about u at least twice a year after primary school."

It's interesting to see how our memory works. It's always some trivial things that came up to my mind.

Rocky remembered that we were in the same class most of the times because I once asked him, "why are we always being placed to the same class?"

And Esther, the girl who sat next to me in F.1 (seventh grade), remembered me helping her to take the chair down from her desk every day. (We were asked to put the chair on the desk at the end of the day so the cleaning lady could mop the floor easily).

Though I didn't remember I was being considerate in F.1, I remembered Esther was trying to teach me how to clap in an elegant manner. (Apparently I must have clapped like a hillbilly back then. :))

Things that we do or words that we say, no matter how trivial they are, may happen to be the only thing others remember us.

This reminds me to what Seth Godin asked on his blog the other day. He asked, "If you didn't want anything in return, nothing at all, what's the most generous thing you could do for your best customer, your best friend, your most important prospect?"

One thing I could do for my friends is to keep them in my memory. Many years from now, I hope I can recall things that they do which touched my life.


Christen said...

oh y, every time I read your blog and laugh out loud, I want to call you! too bad it's too late to call now...

I'm glad you learned how to clap properly; i probably wouldn't be your friend if you didn't...