Good Book Sunday- You, Inc.

This is how I spent my Sunday afternoon- sitting in a bookstore, sipping a cold coffee and reading You, Inc. I love this book- the chapters are short, and I like the way the writers told the stories. At first I thought I would just read it in the bookstore and not to buy it. But after reading half of it, I changed my mind. I need to buy it so that I can read it over again and high-light some phrases for future reference. There are just so many good ideas in the book!

One idea that Beckwith wrote (recalled from my memory since I haven't bought the book yet) is to "act on the knowledge. Because you may hear the idea and read the idea many times before, but it doesn't mean you learn it yet. "

P.S. Thanks K and Lori for mentioning this book on their blogs back in April and earlier this year. (See, what a perfect example of a lapse of months to "act on the knowledge" :))