What are your issues?

My friend G strongly recommended me to sign up for the Landmark Forum. Looking at the price and some feedback from others who didn't like it, I hesitated. G said, "Check it out for yourself. At least go to the free introduction session and see if you like it."

Thanks to the persistence of G, I finally called up the local office of Landmark Forum to ask about the free intro. The lady who picked up the phone, sounded quite friendly. She told me about the time and the location etc. Then she asked me how I heard about this seminar and if I wanted to sign up today.

I said, "Not now, I want to take the introduction first and make a decision later."

The lady asked, "So what exactly brought you to Landmark Forum? What are the issues that you want to work on in your life?"

Though I heard clearly what she was asking, I was interpreting her question as "What's wrong with your life?"

(Seriously, though, I wonder if that lady just asked me for the sake of asking me because it's part of the sales script. Is she really expecting me to tell her my issues?)

Oh boy, my issues? There are so many that I don't even know where to start! Besides, I wasn't ready to air my dirty laundry to a stranger on the phone in the mid-afternoon. Being vulnerable is one thing, but I think there's a limit.

There are something called friends in life. And usually you share your dirty laundry with your friends. That's their privilege and responsibilities.

Is Landmark forum a life-changing experience as they said? I don't know yet. But with that amount of money, I can do skydiving twice at least. And I think skydiving will leave a bigger impact in my life. :)


simpleblob said...

The landmark forum will definitely change your life, but I don't know in which direction.

My friend who went through the experience described it like this -- "They will remove your limitation. Now you can do anything you want. However, they do not teach you moral values. If you're a good person, you will become a great person. If you're a murderer,well..., you will succeed in whatever you want to do."

From his personal experience, there were both good and bad points. He solved a huge personal problem, but he also almost broke up with his girlfriend because of landmark. (they both went to landmark forum)

Christen said...

what in the world is this? i've never heard of it before!