Lottery and Charity

I bought my first lottery a few days ago. Back then, when I was home, I was not old enough to buy a lottery ticket. And when I was in college, I was too rational to buy one. (Did you know that you get a higher chance being struck by a lightning than winning a lottery?)

Since I'm reading the Lottery by Patricia Wood, I decided to buy a lottery ticket in a gas station nearby to try my luck. With a little bit of beginner's luck, I matched 1 number. ;)

This is what I told myself, "If I win, it is lottery. And if I lose, it is charity."

And I thought it would be quite ironic if an actuarial analyst won a lottery. And imagine if I tell people I use my actuarial mathematics foundation to help me pick the numbers. I'm sure the enrollment of actuarial science is going to increase. :)

You can't say I am not a detailed-oriented person though. I did think about how I would spend my 1st million dollar while driving the other day. :)

Though I haven't won my million dollar yet, I'm not discouraged. I'm going to reserve my resources (another dollar) and wait for another big jackpot. (I'm not buying a lottery ticket if the jackpot is less than $100 million. :))

Anyway, enough about goofing around. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Eat more turkey and pumpkin pie tomorrow. And stay warm!


ORION said...

I hope you enjoy LOTTERY and I'm sorry your Lottery ticket didn't win...
Happy Thanksgiving,
Much aloha,
Patricia Wood
author of LOTTERY

Y said...

Hi Patricia, thanks for stopping by!