Waving at Strangers

Whenever I'm with my college and high school buddies, it just triggered my silliness. And this was what happened with D when she was in town over the weekend.

When: Sunday Afternoon
Where: an intersection with constructions
Who were involved:
Party A. Two girls : in a SUV and stopping in front of the stop sign held by a construction worker
Party B: Me, and my 3 other girl friends: driving very slowly in a sports car from the incoming traffic.

What's happening: The captain of Party B caught Party A were looking at them and then Party A started talking and laughing among themselves. Party B captain thought another member of Party B knew Party A. Party B captain started waving to Party B. 10 seconds later, a member of Party B confirmed that she didn't know Party A. Party B captain was told to be too goofy waving at strangers.

Anyway, Party B all concurred with the idea that Party A were talking about them at that moment. And guess what, Party B were talking about Party A in the car too.