Learn a New Thing a Day- Tango

I just found a new hobby that I am going to stick with in 2008- Argentine Tango! I went to my first Tango lesson with friends on Friday night and I just love it! Then on Saturday, I went to another dance studio to take an intro class of West Coast Swing and it was fun too. After the dance lesson, I stayed for the open dancing. Some people came and dance with me and I learned a little bit of different kinds of dances as well- hustle, American Tango, Cha cha cha, Waltz. It was quite an Intro to Dancing to me.

Here are several things I learned from my dancing lessons this weekend:
1. Body Hygiene is very important due to the proximity to another individual, e.g. mint, deodorant, and perfume are necessities.
2. Dancing is actually easier for girls than for boys. On the dance floor, girls only need to know how to follow the lead, but boys need to know how to lead and also follow the music at the same time.
3. It's okay to ask a guy to dance with you.
4. Tango is so sexy and beautiful.
5. It doesn't help to be super self-conscious in dancing. "Dance like no one is watching" is so not easy for me.
6. Stepping out of my comfort zone does make me happy.