Ideas for Holiday Gift Exchange at Work

The rules for the Holiday Gift Exchange are

  • $15 maximum
  • One gift per person.
  • The gift has to be wrapped.
  • The gift has to be appropriate.

You may think the rule for appropriateness is quite obvious. But guess what, there was a rumor that somebody bought a Kama Sutra one year.

So I thought, what kind of present can I bring in which is fun, useful and appropriate?

Here are my ideas:
  • The gift I received last year. Since I didn't really like it that much, it was still in perfect condition in my storage.
  • 6 boxes of cereal. (Everyone loves cereal, right?)
  • The Sick Day Handbook. (It's good for the company to understand how the employees fake sick days. But I bet everyone at work is going to hate you afterwards if a supervisor took this gift.)
  • A Volcano Kit. (This is supposed to be a gift for anyone who have kids. See how thoughtful I am? Don't try to build a volcano in the cubicle though, it's a fire hazard. ;))
  • Or anything Dilbert. (Who doesn't like Dilbert in the cubicle farm?)


Christen said...

I vote volcano kit. Even if the person didn't have kids, I think building a volcano would be fun!

grace said...

Hmm..this may not help much... but. I won't choose any of those....
Gift last year- too dangerous, you may give it back to the person who gave it to you last year.

I wonder if...15 bucks gift card consider a gift........

Y said...

Hey, thanks for the ideas! I'll keep you all posted what I'll get tomorrow at the gift exchange. Hopefully it's something I like. :)