The Office 15

Something I noticed since I started working- there are so much food in the office! Leftover from clients or upper management lucheon meetings, twice-a-week breakfast catering, pizza or PotBelly sandwiches at group meetings, cookies and candies from co-workers...

And don't worry about missing the treats. Whenever there's food in the pantry, one of the admin assistants will make sure everyone is aware of this by sending massive e-mails. How can I resist the temptation of all these free food?

For me, I just let the fact that "there's always food in the pantry. Even if I miss the roast beef sandwiches today, there will be some pizzas or chocolate chips cookies tomorrow" sink in. Once I accepted this fact, I realized that being in good shape is more important than taking in all the free food.

When I went back to school for the recruiting trip a few months ago, I saw some of my classmates did put on a few pounds since I saw them in school last time. Does the office make us fat? Actually I read Your office may be making you fat from The Seattle Times today and hence I had this idea of sharing the food situation in my office.

Think about it- you sit in your cubicle for more than 8 hours a day. And the heaviest lifting you ever do, is probably moving some files from your desk to the file room (which only takes15 steps). At the same time you are constantly receiving the "Food Alert" emails in the afternoon. And then you feel stressed and you just want to eat anything to calm yourself. Well, choosing to stay fit and healthy is really a conscious choice.