Who I've been waiting for?

I've been waiting for the right opportunity, the right timing, the right person to meet. Someday, somewhere, I'll be happy doing something other than what I'm doing now, with someone who I'm not working with.

Someday, I'll find my passion.
Someday, I'll be successful.
Someday, I'll be truly happy.

After waiting for this "someday", "something to happen" and "someone to come along" so a year and a half, I finally realized that I am the person I've been waiting for.

I am the source of change in my life. The drama in my life- I created it. The boredom- I allowed it to happen by not doing anything.

I was thinking if I have the power to turn it around. For the last year, I ignored the signs and signals of the problems. My ego is so big that I don't give myself any room to fall.

It's time for me to change. A change to adapt, a change to survive.

This is my kind of brave new world.

(Friends: I know, what I wrote was abstract. If you don't know what I'm talking about, call me and I'll tell you.)


Christen said...

i was thinking as i was driving back to school today that i should call you. the time wasn't right, you would have been working. got back, got busy didn't call. nightly blog check up, need to call you again, but it's too late. we'll check in tomorrow. you call me and i'll call you and somehow we'll get it together.