Deer, License Plate and My Inner Voice

Let's talk about intuition today.

Incident 1: One night, I was driving home from S's house. There were quite a few turns on the road. I started to think if there's going to be any deer going to cross the road. Then I thought the mating season for deer was over. It's already March, so there shouldn't be any deer crossing the road. But then I thought I should still drive carefully as it was so dark and I wasn't familiar with the area.

A few minutes later, there were about 10 deer crossing the road in front of me. Luckily, I was driving a bit slower than the speed limit, so I could slow down to let all the deer go first.

I guess this was probably my inner voice telling me the deer were going to cross the roads around the corner. Imagine if I wasn't paying attention to my little inner voice!

Incident 2: The other day, I was trying to find a spot at the parking garage. Being a person who like to day-dream while driving, I was thinking of some very, very serious questions- Do I look good today? Am I going to be loved etc? When I made a turn to the next level, I saw the license plate of the car in front me and it was "beloved". What kind of coincidence is that?

Incident 3: And the first time I heard "Whatever it takes" by Lifehouse was the time when I felt stuck in a situation. When I heard the chorus, "I'll do whatever it takes, to turn this around. I know what's at stake….if you give me a chance, believe that I can change…." I found comfort in the lyrics and it gave me strength to tackle the situation for the following weeks.

Were they just pure randomness? Or is there no such thing as coincidence?


triple-u said...

i am an unromantic person, so i'd call them "coincidence".. but controdicting myself, i also somewhat believe in fate...

but#2... is "fate" just a chain of "coincidence".. or is there really such thing called "fate"..

hmm.. i don't know.. and i haven't figure it out for myself yet..

(you see how my thoughts are like a dog chasing after its own tail?)