What is this green drink?

Co-worker: What are you drinking?
Me: Green tea frappuccino from downstairs.
Co-worker: It looks you are drinking avocado with whipped cream on it!


triple-u said...

taiwanese has a scary drink.. avocado milkshake.. i love avocado, but not in the form of a milkshake.. you may be able to find it in your local taiwanese tea places.. but i must say, i don't recommend it..

other than it tastes funny.. all green creamy looking drinks (or even green curry)reminds me of baby-poo.. :"-)

Y said...

Actually I tried an Avocado smoothie with bubble in a Vietnamese restaurant a few years ago in Chicago. I love avocado, but drinking a smoothie of it seems a bit too much!

Oh no...baby-poo....hold on a second, why baby-poo is green? I thought baby-poo should look milkly because babies only drink milk?