My When Life Works List

1. When I exercise everyday
2. When I have a healthy breakfast
3. When I take my vitamins
4. When I get a hair cut every 6 weeks
5. When I shower twice a day
6. Stay hydrated (borrowed this from Sean, didn't realise it earlier)
7. When I think positive and optimistic
8. When I am reading a good book
9. When I am learning
10. When I get up early
11. When I get at least 7 hours of sleep
12. When I have something witty to blog
13. When I dance once a week
14. When I talk to my friends or family
15. When I am generous
16. When I am kind
17. When I feel creative
18. When I pour my heart into the tasks at hand
19. When I come up with solutions to a challenging problem
20. When I travel once in awhile