Snow day

Snowing is a big deal here. So far, we've been having 3 days off due to the snow storm. When I was living in the mid-west, I don't remember my school or my office were closed due to inclement weather. Time has changed, nowadays snow storms across many states of different regions are not uncommon.

Here's the timeline of what happened in a typical snow day:

8:00am -Leaving my place, brushing off snow and scraping off ice on the windshield.

8:05am -On my way to work

8:10am - Got a voice message from the office - the office is going to open at 11am due to the weather.

8:11am - Made an U-turn and went back to my place to chill.


10:30am- About to get ready for work second time of the day. Brushing off snow and scraping off ice again.

10:35am - On my way to work. The road condition was messy.

10:36am - Got another voice message from the office - "For employees who haven't come to the office yet, please be adviced to stay home."

10:37am, - Made a careful U-turn and go home. Yay!