Dinner @ Centro

My future company invited all the potetial intern candidates and future new hires for an informative dinner last night @ Downtown Centro.
Great food, great presentation. I'm very impressed by the choice of the restuarant.
Somehow I can judge how a company value their employees/team members from this tiny minor detials.
I was looking at two of my future colleagues and wondering how they could present and deliver the whole powerpoint presentation so well and smooth.
Somehow I was relating this presentation experience to the speech that I delievered yesterday afternoon.
After my speech, a lot of my classmates and friends came and told me my speech was great and I looked pretty calm on the stage. The other said the speech I delivered was the only speech he paid attention during the whole time.
I'm quite pleased but I knew that hard works do pay off in public speaking and presenatation.
Preparation overcomes fear and anxiety and gives me more confidence.

The key things I learned from my public speaking class and the dinner presentation was that
1. know your materials really well (that's the foundations!!!) so you don't have to look at the paper too often and you can spare sometime to look at the audiences who are dying to hear what you say!.
2. use some humor at the beginning to get people's attention (I will keep working on it)
3. as long as you can talk clearly, slowly and not stumbling on words, you will be just fine!