Mostly, Everything is Negotiable (Part 3)

Incident 3:

A friend and I were trying to sign up a gym membership. We were trying to redeem the coupon of a "one-week" free membership. Since we were going to join the gym anyway, we were trying to get a 5 weeks membership for a 4 weeks price. By checking the computer record, the manager found out that my friend was not a new member (she used to join that gym 3 years ago for a few months), and he started to tell us he couldn't give her that 1 free week pass. I was getting annoyed by it. Come on, it's only 1 insignificant free week pass. Though my friend was not a new member, she could be considered as a return member. From the gym perspective, it's better to see a customer to return now, than not returning at all right?

So I try to convince the manager with the reason I mentioned above with the or else option ---or else we would be considering joining another gym if he doesn't give us the free week pass. I'm sure the manager know that the other gym I mentioned was a strong competitor in the area. So he agreed to give us not only 1 week, but 3 weeks free. We were happy with what we got again.

The point taken from these three incidents were that don't feel embarrassed to ask for a lower price or more features. If I don't like what they offer, I would at least tell them what I want and see if we can achieve a common ground to make both parties happy.


Christen said...

so it's taken me awhile to get caught up on reading your blog, but GOOD FOR YOU!!! I'm so proud of you! (although, still, paying $9 for a light bulb that you could buy at a car parts store for $2 is a bit much...) I am never willing to fight for stuff like that...I just leave. so good for you:-)