Yesterday, I was talking to CL on the phone.

Me: CL, do you know what UDD is?

CL: No, what is it?

Me: You know it's a syndrome which makes people hyperactive and restless?

CL: Oh, do you mean ADD?

Me: Yes, that's what I'm talking about. Ooops, what did I say? Did I say UDD? Well, I might be studying too much for my actuarial exam. UDD is terms in Exam M which means Uniform Distribution of Death. No wonder you don't know what it meant!

Quite a few terms (jargons) that I learned from actuarial science and from my job are very similar to those daily terms that you hear often. For example: UDD vs. ADD, MSVP vs. RSVP, PBGC vs. Pubic....Don't mix it up!