Does 5 seconds "lead time" really matter?

I was reading Gretchen Rubin's post on her experience of "rushing to get in front of other people" the other day. I thought, "Well, I thought this (rushing) is just part of the Hong Kong culture. No kidding here, after living in the US for awhile, when I went back to Hong Kong last year, my sister would literally push me to make me walk faster because everybody in HK is walking so fast as if they are in a hurry!"

Last night, my friend and I went to a very popular Japanese restaurant for dinner. After we parked our car, we were walking towards the restaurant. Just about 10 steps before we reached the restaurant door, a girl suddenly came out from a minivan and rushed into the restaurant. When she saw us approaching, she purposely walked faster to get in front of us!

In the end, she put down her name for a table for 3 on the waiting list first but we still got a table before she did because the table for 2 was available. I was telling my friend, "there's still justice in the world!"

Well, maybe I should not feel that irritated about her act of rushing because that 5 seconds "lead time" didn't really matter AT ALL. However, can't we all show some kindness and courtesy to one another?


kenshin_i said...

I would think that this experience should also be true for driving. I sometimes does speeding on the highway. I realizes that makes a lot of people angry. But I still done it. Especially, it's quite dangerous if the other person does not really know how to drive. It's okay to do it in the track, when other people know what they are doing, and everyone drives at the same speed and same direction. So, talking about resolution, maybe my next year resolution is to speed less.