Life doesn't get much better than that......

I read this article The Future of Work on Fast Company last week and this reminds me of something that D told me just a few weeks before I started working.

D said, "Good luck to your career! Remember to have fun through it all. No reasons why only top athletes can have fun in their chosen profession. If you approach it as a consulting game, then all the hours of work and preparation seems like shooting baskets and physical conditioning to a basketball player. And the challenge of the "game" such as competitions, deadlines, and other obstacles are just that challenges of the game. Enjoy!!"

So far, going to work is just like solving many mini-puzzles. (Well, it's just a metaphor here, I'm not a very big fan on puzzle. I prefer Sudoku better ;)) Everyday, I'm getting a little bit better at understanding the "hints" and acquiring more tricks and techniques to be a smarter player. Though it may take a while to figure everything out, I believe everything I learned this year will all fit together so that I can solve a bigger puzzle (or Sudoku) next year!

"Life doesn't get much better than that, when you are having fun with what you do."