Table Topics and My Subconscious Mind

I did it! Since I promised myself to make an mini-impromptu speech at every toastmasters meeting, I had to do it.

I was the second person who volunteered. As usual, I picked up a small piece of paper from the Ziploc bag that T prepared. Gosh, I didn't really understand what's written on the paper at all! Anyway, it's a bizzard question. So I made up a question and read it out loud as if it's written on the paper. I said, "2007 is coming, what is your new year resolution?"

So I went on and talked about my new year resolution for 2 minutes. Though the material I said was somewhat similar to that blog post, the way I presented it was quite different (which I was surprised). I ended the speech with this, "I committed to speak every time when I'm here. However, to show up or not to show up, that's another question." (Well, I guess you really have to be there. People were cracking up when I said that!)

After the meeting, I told G that I felt less nervous this time. Since G was a grammarian, he said I used some good phrases. I told him I never really thought about using those phrases, but when I was speaking, it just came out naturally.

G thought most of the things we learn and see every day are stored in our subconscious mind. Sometimes, when we say we don't remember, it just means we cannot retrieve the information from the subconscious mind at that moment. However, the more you use your brain, the faster you can retrieve the information. (Just like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it will become).

Finally he added, "sometimes you just need to trust yourself, believe that all you have learned before is always with you and believe that you have the capability to create something new."

Hm, perhaps,after all, all the books, magazines and blogs that I read do have an influence to me.


Teresa said...

Gosh, I wish my Actuary bf sees your post asap. He neve though that it is possible for any actuaries to be Toastmastering at the same time.

From a Competent Toastmaster in Hong Kong (... with an Actuary boyfriend who is not keen upon the idea of Toastmastering ;) )

yync said...

Hello Teresa,

Thanks for your comment! Yes, it is possible to be an actuary and also a Toastmaster at the same time. So far I knew 7 toastmaster actuaries from all over the places.

How is the Toastmaster scene in Hong Kong?

By the way, this is an article about Toasmaster from the SOA image campaign website, check this out:

Happy Holidays!


Teresa Angelicus said...

Hi Y,

Three Cheers for the link - I have forwarded it to his company e-mail titled "SOA wants you to be Toastmaster - Now". ;)

District 80 here is pretty busy with 350 clubs - 43 of them in Hong Kong (Kudos - 1 chartered by me). Club growth is tripling every year here which is quite amazing. Most Toastmasters are keen, yet since the pase in life is so fast in this city, most of them focus on quantity rather than quality, which is a drawback.

I'm Enjoying your writing - your blog is in my RSS feeds & links. I am starting a blog which focus on public speakings (and a bit of insight I obtained from Jim Key and Ed Tate). Feel free to visit often.

Happy holiday!

Teresa @ Hong Kong