A Message To Lori (I'm just a messenger :))

Thanks to the power of the "word of mouth" from a passionate reader (aka. me ;)), my friend Ros was reading your blog yesterday. She was trying to leave you a comment but apparently there was an error message every time when she tried to summit the reply (We couldn't figure out why). Since she couldn't find your email address from the "About Us" page, I volunteered to pass her message to you here. (It's my pleasure anyway.)

(Lori, what is your email address, by the way?)

And here's Ros's comment on this blog post:

"This is my first time reading your blog, so, I've been reading backward to your archives, and I found the story about Starbucks.

I would like to share an experience similar to the story above, it happened in Chicago years back. It was raining, and late at night during the 4th of July weekend. Since the Starbucks store has a canopy in front of the store, and it was raining, we decided to stop and shed ourselves from the rain in front of the Starbucks (it was closed by the way, only a few workers left).

The employee of the store saw us drenching and standing outside the store, then he open the store for us to come in and have some hot coffee and let us dry for a little bit!! I think that was one of my most memorable 4th of July. "

Any thoughts on this, Lori?


Anonymous said...

BTW, we just moved to Manhattan. I was shopping in Borders at Columbus Circle, eventually winding up in Whole Foods Market. As I descended down the escalator, I remembered my friends horrible experience with Whole Foods Market employees. I immediately turned around, exiting on the up escalator.

Just goes to show that I now have a "Whole Foods Market employees aren't nice to customers" voice inside my head all because of word of mouth from a trusted friend!

-Lori, Smartlemming.com

Anonymous said...

As a strict vegetarian, it is very difficult to find products that do not contain animal products at normal grocery stores. The only place where it is easy to shop is Whole Foods Market for me.

In Michigan, there are only 4 Whole Foods Market locations and as someone who frequents them quite often, I can say that their service is very good and that they are always willing to lend a hand.

-SS, a friend of YY