My 'In-and-Out" of Knowledge---Reading and Blogging

Everyone knows the benefit of reading. I love reading- I still remembered, when I was a kid, going to the library or the bookstores was the highlight in the weekend.

Kimber had a post on the habits of reading 30 minutes a day and also applying the knowledge. I think one of my fast and easy ways to put my knowledge into use is through blogging.

(You know, when you are working in the office 8 hours a day, most people at work are not that interested to your learning experience at all. And hence, I need to find a way to release some of my random thoughts here! Who knows, what I wrote may also touch someone's lives? )

I know, I'm not writing any Shakespeare's type of masterpiece here. But still, it does take some thinking to internalize everything I learn so that I can have something to write. And hence, I believe that blogging can increase creativity (well, maybe in my own small way) .

If you are looking for ways to enhance your reading skill, check out this article.