My Burrito Experience

When I visited my friend CY in Chicago during Thanksgiving, she kept telling me to try Chipotle because she just loved it, especially the burrito bol. (ha, see the power of word of mouth again.)

Today, I went to a Chipotle store near by to grab my dinner since I was just too tired to cook after climbing 36 floors of staircase for my first physical training of Climb Detroit.

It's my second time trying the vegetarian burrito bol and I loved it. Somehow, I don't know why, I just felt their food is fresh and healthy.

Check out the company website, it's quite fun to browse around. Somehow, my first two burrito bol experiences in Chipotle reminded me of my first few Starbucks experiences (Don't ask me why, it's just hard to describe- perhaps, it's their passion of introducing an unique experience e.g. the romance of coffee and the feeling of luxury in Starbucks(like spending about 4 dollars on a cup of coffee) and the feeling of eating healthy in Chipotle, even though you can get them from the mom and pop store around the block?


Christen said...

i'm not sure of the truth of this, but I've heard that Chipotle uses only free-range chickens, cows, etc. for the meats and only organic veggies. Maybe it is only in my mind that this makes it taste better, or maybe organic really does taste better. I'm trying to be vegetarian right now. A PETA video disgusted me and I'm off all meats. Wish me luck because I'm going to Chipotle when I got home and I LOVE their Chicken Burrito Bol!

yync said...

Good Luck Christen, I know you can do it!!!