You've Got the Whole World...

During Thanksgiving, while we were taking the train in Chicago, C and I were talking about our work lives since both of us just started working this year. She said, "Y, I think it's more difficult for us to become a consultant because English is not our first language and Americans like to do business with Americans."

Not a while ago, I finally realized that it is good to be different and I should treasure my uniqueness. Like what Bert Decker said, "If you have a difference that sets you apart, use it." What can I say, when you are the minority of the minority of the minority in this country (being female, foreign-born and Asian), you just need to come up with some reasons to validate your "self-worth" ;)

I was pondering about what C said for awhile. I wondered if her statement was true because it contradicted with my beliefs. Sometimes, I'm just like the Chicken Little who believes the sky is falling, yet I also believe that sky is the limit and building a castle in the air is also possible (well, if I apply myself :)).

So during a meeting with my mentor- at-work, I brought up this story and asked her what she thought. The first thing K said--" No, that's not true. People (not just Americans) like to deal with people with personalities and with good communication skill. From the perspective of clients, as long as they can understand you, it's more important to get things done and deliver quality services. Besides, Y, when the world is flat, with your backgrounds, you've got the whole world. And just have to take it."


simpleblob said...

Hi, I'm sb (if you remembered me from older comments)

I never thought you were Asian before because your writings are very good. I guess it's also because writings don't have accent.

I'm an Asian too, but not China-Asian though. I'm also surprised that you're in Chicago, because that's where I'm going to Grads school next year. (Well, I'm going to Urbana Champaign, so I stretched the truth a little bit)

Anyway, it's such a small world we live in when you think about it.

quyt said...

When meeting new people, I quickly (naturally) befriend the ones who have unique qualities simply because those people intrigue me. I suspect the same applies in the biz world...Between two candidates, for example, whose competency are equal, what else would draw you to work with one over the other? I'm more inclined to pair up with the one who is personable and remarkable. Uniqueness adds to one's remarkability. (Yes, I just made up a word!).


yync said...


I like your new word "remarkability". Hm...does remarkability = able to be remarkable?

Can't wait to go rock-climbing with you next week.


yync said...


Of course I remembered you--the one who's been "lurking" around for a while right? ;)

Thanks for your compliment of the "mastery" of English. I guess it gets easier and easier to tell a story in English since I blog almost every day here.

Though I don't live in Chicago, but I go to Chicago to visit once in a while. Urbana Champaign is a good school, are you going to study Actuarial Science?

Thanks for the comment again and Happy Holidays to you!


simpleblob said...

I'm doing Finance, although I'm definitely leaning toward actuarial/insurance work right now.
(I'm taking exam early next year.. >_<)

Happy Holidays to you too!