I lost a friend (Part II)

You called me back on Sunday afternoon
You said, "finally I'm done being angry at you."
You said, "Though I'm not angry now, there's no guarantee that I won't kick you out again."

Why did you show up again when I'm about to forget you?
For the last two weeks,
I saw you in my dreams for a few times.
In my dream, you said,
"Everything happens for a reason.
You should forgive me and move on, Y."

That's enough.
I've been hurt and I don't want to be hurt twice.
I can forgive you but everything wouldn't be the same.

Friendship is a two-way street.
It's about giving and taking.

After all these, I feel like I'm your toy that you can toss.
No, you didn't apologize because you didn't think you did anything wrong.
You didn't even bother to ask me how I felt.

To tell you the truth,
I felt really upset.
(So upset that I don't even have mood for blogging.)

All I want is to be surrounded by people who love and respect me.
If you treat me as your friend,
you would not abandon me in the first place.

I'm a little bit coward here and I don't have the guts to tell you all these.
I hope you will find a new friend.
And I hope we drift apart and move on.


Sheau Chin said...

Hugs, hope you are doing all right. You've got a friend thinking about you in Louisville, welcome to visit anytime!